Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our New Babies- Alpha Xis

Spring recruitment went very well, led by our recruitment chair Katie Miller. We got 17 new members and we are all very excited :) Here are their names:

Janelle Poorman
Megan Keck
Jennifer Adams
Catlain DeAngelo
Sarah Cox
Elisa Becker
Kayla Craig
Skylaira Confer
Kayleighia Miller
Sara Griggs
Samantha Hull
Hope Weber
Taylor O'Leary
Lauren Smith
Chekondi Croulet
Jenny Skocypec
Kari Lenz

Feel free to facebook them. I know they would appreciate it!

Other house numbers:
Beta Phi Gamma- 11
Gamma Delta Sigma- 15
Alpha Xi Delta- 9
Alpha Rho Omega- 3


  1. Congrats girls! Keep more updates like this coming!

  2. Thank you! We always look forward to hearing from our alumnae :)